Therapy and Coaching For Singers To Overcome Nerves, Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright

The guy in the photo is me! Hello!

The guy in the photo is me! Hello!

I want you to try to think about when you last felt good enough, as a singer I mean. I’m talking REALLY good enough. I mean a time when you came off stage and felt “yeah I nailed it, I loved it, I’m awesome”.

Is it difficult? Was it a long time ago? Was it recently, but the first time in a long time?

If you’re like most singers I’ve worked with then the answer to those questions is probably a yes. But don’t worry, I can help you do something about that.

Up to now you’ve probably been having singing lessons, doing your voice exercises and generally doing all the things singers are supposed to do. Then why are you still self-critical, judgemental and why do you still compare yourself to others and end up feeling not good enough?

It’s because you’re not doing the most important work…


This is by far the most important type of work you can do as a singer because those powerful underlying beliefs that you hold of feeling unworthy of success, not feeling good enough, anxiety or depression are profoundly more powerful than any voice exercise you can do to make your voice stronger or belt higher.

Haven’t you every wondered that no matter how many exercises you do, or how many singing teachers you see, you STILL don’t feel amazing about yourself when you sing?

That’s where I step in. As a coach and therapist who is an expert at helping singers like you, I show you how to get to the root cause of what is causing you to remain blocked if your life and career and to help you start moving towards self-confidence so you can do what you love, love doing it and like yourself more in the process.

The singers I work with who make self-development their priority make much better progress in their voice technique and vocal ability compared to just developing their voice.

My clients call me their secret weapon. I work with West End and Broadway Performers, Pop stars and performers in film and TV. And you can work with me too.

Just use the calendar below to book you FREE strategy session over the phone now. I’ll talk to you on the phone about your nerves, performance anxiety or stage fright. If I think I can help you I’ll tell you how that works, and if not I’ll point you in the right direction. I look forward to speaking with you.