What Performance Anxiety Is, How To Overcome It And Be A Confident Singer

On the previous page you learned what nerves are exactly and how they affect you as a singer and prevent you from being as confident as you can.

There is a big difference between nerves and performance anxiety, and it is very important to discern between the two. Once you know where you are on the scale it is much easier to know how to get you off the scale altogether! I go into much more detail on the difference between nerves, performance anxiety and stage fright in my blog.

Performance anxiety is characterised by more dramatic symptoms such as sleepless nights days or even weeks before a performance or audition. The physical symptoms move over into feelings more akin to panic attacks. Fast, shallow breathing and a faster, harder heart rate. Sweating hands, tight chest and other muscles may also present themselves.

Obsessive behaviours are also common with performance anxiety. For example; repetitive checking that you have a voice, over checking that your sheet music is in order, going over and over lyrics unnecessarily and similar.

Anxiety is actually a fear of a lack of control. So performance anxiety is partnered with behaviours that attempt to keep everything in control as much as possible, but to a level that actually causes more stress to the singer, not less.

Therapy and coaching is essential once things have reached performance anxiety level because it is a very difficult cycle to get out of on your own. You may be using techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, positive affirmations and positive thinking as well as visualisation.

However, these techniques can actually make the problem worse. This often comes as a surprise to clients who first start working with me because you will find advice like this all over the internet. However, if you simply use an exercise to decrease performance anxiety when you sing, without getting to the root cause of why you have it in the first place, then you are probably strengthening the neural network that is causing it.

You see, everything you do, think and feel is governed by a network in your brain known as neural pathways. These neural pathways are being created and destroyed everyday. Just so you really know how this works, watch this short video before you continue reading…


This amazing video shows the actual neural connections in your brain that are causing your performance anxiety. Somewhere along the line you had an experience that affected you negatively. In that moment an idea was born such as“maybe I’m not good enough”. This is when a teeny, tiny neural connection is created.

Then if you practice that thought enough, the neural connection becomes thicker and stronger until it becomes what is widely known as a belief. Then you started to develop specific behaviours and patterns that are associated with this belief. This is what we call nerves, which if not treated early enough will eventually turn into performance anxiety, and then ultimately into stage fright.

How Hypnotherapy And Coaching Can Help You Overcome Performance Anxiety And Be A Confident Singer

Overcoming performance anxiety on your own is difficult. The internet is full of misinformation, lies and myths. It is a great shame that clients wait so long to and see me because it can take as little as just one session of hypnotherapy to eradicate all symptoms of nerves, performance anxiety and even stage fright.

However, I see my clients for a program of 3 sessions so I can make absolutely sure that I get right to the root cause and clear everything that needs to be cleared. Clients tend to feel powerful effects after the first session tho.

If you don’t know anything about hypnotherapy watch this short explanation video before reading on…