One Thing To Help Singers Overcome Nerves And Performance Anxiety

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How Having A Meaning, Message, Passion & Purpose Can Help You Overcome Nerves and Performance Anxiety When You Sing

One of the ways I help singers to overcome nerves, performance anxiety, low confidence and self-criticism is to take them through my process called 'Realising Your Message, Meaning, Passion & Purpose™ (aka known as Realising Your MMPP™)

This means going through an exploratory process to discover WHY you are actually a singer in the first place...

It's a specific step by step guide system to get you in touch with what LIGHTS YOU UP the most.

It is my belief that us singers (as all Artistes are), were put here to educate, inspire, uplift and heal our audiences through the power of our performance.

To do this you need a FOCUS, a DRIVING FORCE behind what you do, a reason for stepping on that stage and sharing your gift.

Maybe it's something political?

Perhaps it's something personal?

It could be as simple as just bringing more love and joy to the world. It doesn't matter...

It doesn't need to be complex and complicated. And you can have multiple MMPPs.

But the point is to bring the essence of your MMPP to the songs you sing and the performances you give.-This is integral to your journey in building confidence and self belief.

When you have a strong MMPP it becomes less about YOU and more about THEM.

Less about your EGO and more about COMMUNICATION.

Less about what you THINK and more about what you FEEL.


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