Is It Possible For Singers To Cure Nerves

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How Singers Can Cure Their Nerves

First of all let me be VERY clear about one thing - I personally do NOT cure singers and their nerves. In fact I do not cure anyone of anything.

I teach singers how to cure their own nerves, performance anxiety and stage fright. I show singers how to cure their nerves using the inner resources in their subconscious mind.

This happens by literally changing the neural pathways in your brain that have led to nerves being a problem for you when you sing or perform.

Hypnotherapy For Nerves And Singing

Hypnotherapy is a quick and powerful way to resolve nerves, performance anxiety and stage fright for singers.

The reason Hypnotherapy is so effective for nerves is because it never covers the symptom. Instead, it gets right to the root cause of what is causing the problem and fixes it at the source.

It’s really common for singers with nerves and performance anxiety to use techniques like breathing exercises, visualisation, meditation, positive affirmations and positive thinking.

While all these are good things to do, and can be effective sometimes, they can actually make nerves and performance anxiety WORSE!

How You Are Making Nerves Worse When You Sing

How To Cure Stage Fright

The brain and the mind are actually very simple when it comes to the way they work. Your emotions and feelings are controlled by two things - the words you say to yourself and the images you create in your imagination based on those words.

Now, when you use a breathing exercise to calm your nerves when you sing what you are doing is trying to calm the nervous system and attempting to not focus on the nerves in the hope that they will go away, right?

Well, to not focus on something the brain has to focus on it first, to then try to not focus on it. All this does is strengthens the power that nerves have over you when you sing. For example if I say to you “do not think of a pink elephant”…

well, you have to think of a pink elephant first to try to not think of it! It’s the same with nerves and singing. To try to not have nerves you need to focus on the nerves first, and this just gives more power to them.

How Hypnotherapy Helps Eliminate Nerves When You Sing

Hypnotherapy For Singers

When I use Hypnotherapy for a singer with nerves and performance anxiety we choose a completely different point of focus that the nerves themselves. There is no power given to the words and the images associated with nerves and singing. This is one way to begin to weaken those neural pathways associated with performing and nerves.

We may also use a form of memory regression to go back to the moment in time that created a fear of singing for you and re-pattern the beliefs that were created in that moment. I also use a technique I call Creating Future History which is more powerful, way deeper and more profound than just visualisation and positive thinking. It actually changes the neuro-plasticity of the brain, actually changing the way you think and behave.

What Can You Do About Your Nerves Now

I highly recommend to stop trying to cover the symptoms and get to the root of what is causing your singing nerves in the first place.

I have actually created an amazing online course for you called “Nerve Buster For Singers; 5 Steps To Unshakeable Confidence” - in the course I take you through all the steps I’ve talked about in this article.

I literally hold you by the hand and take you through the 5 steps required to overcome nerves and change the way your brain works when you sing. There are guided audios to release past negative emotions and to create future history. I give you a powerful technique called Confidence on Command which is like your own confidence button you can press anytime you need to feel great. And the course only takes 12 days!

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I am always here to talk to about you, your singing and your nerves. It is never too late to overcome performance anxiety. Please don’t leave it to get more and more out of hand. I don’t want you to get to the point of stage fright where you consider giving up your career. That would be devastating!

Contact me now to talk about how to move forward!

About The Author

Gary Albert Hughes is the founder of Mind Body Voice Academy. He has coached thousands of Broadway and West End performers, as well as TV and international pop stars all over the world to claim back their confidence and sing in the voice of their dreams. Gary has been a professional performer himself for 20 years. For 10 of those years he has been a vocal coach and a therapist. They don’t call him The Nerve Buster for nothing.