How I Went From Nervous Wreck To Unshakeable Confidence

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From Performance Anxiety To Powerful Performance

That’s me in my “I’m Confident” shirt!

That’s me in my “I’m Confident” shirt!

I want to share with you how I went from debilitating panic attacks and zero self-esteem to 100% self-belief and confidence using the power of hypnotherapy, inner healing and self-development work.

I’ve been a professional singer in musical theatre, classical and pop music for over 20 years (I know, I don’t look old enough, thank you!) I’ve overcome my own crippling self-doubt, low self-esteem and panic attacks. I trained at some of the worlds best colleges on full scholarships - The Purcell School of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the Royal Academy of Music. But none of that helped me feel good enough.

One day about 12 years ago I stopped a dress rehearsal (sacrilege I know!) of the musical ‘Company’ by Sondheim. I was in tears. The lights came up, the orchestra came to halt and the director ran up to me concerned I’d hurt myself or something. He said “Gary, what’s wrong? What happened?!” But no, nothing had happened...

I shrieked through snot and tears “I just need you to tell me I’m good!” The company stood around me stunned. Embarrassed, looking down at the floor. Had I actually stopped a dress rehearsal for this? Did I actually just say that?!

Yes, I was desperate. I was at rock bottom. And it hit me even harder when he looked into my eyes and said: “Gary, I can’t tell you that right now”. No sugar Sherlock!

The Singer With Panic Attacks

I went home that night devastated. This low self-esteem, that constant critical voice in my head (you know the one I'm talking about), comparison to others and a serious, career-threatening diagnosis of ‘Not Good Enough-Itis’ eventually manifested in debilitating panic attacks.

I spent 3 months locked away at home, unable to breathe, sweating cold sweat from every pore, dragging myself to auditions and gigs that felt unbearable. I mean literally unbearable.

I stepped off stage pulling apart every micro-moment, every wrong note, every wobble in my voice. I thought the audience hated me. And I descended deeper and deeper into despair.

Eventually, a lovely doctor, who really couldn’t do anything for me except prescribe pills, referred me to a Hypnotherapist on Harley Street. At this stage, I’d try ANYTHING. I had no experience of Hypnosis except seeing Paul McKenna on TV as a kid making people do embarrassing and ridiculous things in front of millions of people (not exactly my idea of curing panic attacks!) But I kinda had the idea that’s not quite what this therapist had in mind.

Curing Panic Attacks

I’ll cut right to the chase. There was no barking or clucking or embarrassing stunts. The therapist was so warm and lovely (most Hypnotherapists are!) And in fact, it was one of the most relaxing and interesting experiences of my life. And guess what…

I left her office KNOWING that my panic attacks had gone and that they were never coming back. This magician had cured my panic attacks in just ONE hour. 

I had no idea what she had done but I HAD to find out. 

In that moment I started a journey - a journey of self-discovery, growth and healing that ultimately led me to what I do now…

I trained and qualified as a Therapist and Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist and now I help people just like you to overcome the same lack of confidence, low-self esteem, anxiety, stage fright, panic and nerves that I suffered with all those years ago. 

And now...

This is me these days!

This is me these days!

Every time I step on stage I believe that it's where I'm meant to be. That this is what I am born to do. That this is my reason for being here…

I have complete control of my singing voice. No more wobbles, cracks, fluffiness or strange squeaks. I hear myself as I sing and I like it… 

I look at my audience or the casting panel and I see them smiling back at me, supporting me and I believe they've got my back. I believe they WANT me to do well…

Instead of ripping myself apart, I tell myself what I did well and what was good. I have a really healthy relationship with positive critical feedback to myself, learning and growth…

I walk into auditions knowing I've got what it takes and I actually enjoy the process rather than dreading it and wanting to run home to bed in tears…


Many of my clients have gone from jibbering, quivering wrecks to playing leading roles in the West End and on Broadway.

I’ve helped pop stars overcome stage fright so they can step on and off stage feeling fabulous about who they are and what they do.

I’ve helped performers like you to develop deep, inner confidence and self belief so that they are no longer at the mercy of debilitating nerves, anxiety and not good enough-ness.

If you’re curious to know if this is possible for YOU, then just book a free strategy call with me. I’ll jump on the phone with you and work out a game plan for how you can move forward snd become the singer you dream to be. If I think I can help you, then I’ll tell you all about that works. And if I am not the right therapist for you, I’ll be honest about that and point you in the right direction.

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To Your Success,
Gary x