Would you like to be a confident singer free from nerves, performance anxiety and stage fright?

What if I told you it’s possible to be free from neves and performance anxiety when you sing?

What if I told you that overcoming stage fright was easy?

What about if I told you that becoming a confident singer was within easy reach for you right now?

And what if I told you all this was possible in just twelve days?

How would that feel? What would you be able to do?

Mind Body Voice Academy For Singers

Let me introduce you to…


A step by step powerful system to eliminate nerves and performance anxiety and help you in overcoming stage fright to become a confident singer just 12 days!

Dear Singer,

We need to talk about your singing and your nerves. Read this to the end because I want you to transform and become the confident singer you’ve always wanted to be. And I want to help you eliminate nerves, performance anxiety and stage fright FOREVER.

Nerves affect every singer differently.

Sweaty palms, thumping heart, racing mind…

Perhaps you forget your lyrics, lose control of your voice, or do other silly things you don’t usually do at home.

Common Myths About Nerves and Singing That You Need To Forget Right Now

As a singer you’ve been fed lies your entire life about nerves and singing. Does this sound familiar:

Nerves just means you care”
“It’s normal to have nerves. They keep you in the game”
“Every performer has nerves. They keep you on your toes”

Then why is it that nerves make you feel so bad about yourself?

Why is it that when you come off stage you tear yourself apart and end up not feeling good enough?

And why is it that nerves results in not feeling that you did even nearly your best?

You can read more on the truth about nerves here.

The Truth About Singing, Nerves Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright…

Having nerves DOES NOT mean you care. It means you are fearful.

It is NOT normal to have nerves. In fact it is normal to enjoy yourself when you sing.

Every performer does NOT have nerves! I’ve come across plenty of singers who don’t have nerves.

And having nerves DOES NOT keep you in the game or on your toes! It takes you OUT of the game.

These myths about singing and nerves have been floating around for far too long. And as long as you continue to hold on to these beliefs you will NEVER be free to sing and perform in the way that you can in that imagination of yours.

Singing With Freedom From Nerves

Let me tell you how your SUPPOSED to feel when you sing free from nerves…

You’re supposed to feel…

In control

Could YOU Sing and REALLY Be Free From Nerves?

How would it feel if you could finally sing and KNOW you are putting in your best performance because nerves no longer take control of you?

What would you be able to do if you were no longer at the mercy of fear and anxiety?

And how would life be if you could finally take control of your singing and show people what you can really do?

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