I have done individual vocal work and group classes with Gary for over 2 years now and find his integrated method of impeccable craft, intuitive nurture and profound support to be like no other teacher in his field. I can not recommend him highly enough.
— Stephen Morallee, Artist & Creator of Deetell

Using your voice in performance is a deeply emotional, vulnerable and personal thing. Everybody is beautifully unique and wonderfully individual. Vocal cords are like finger prints - no two the same.

We all have different emotional and physical issues to contend with: limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, self doubt, low self esteem, nerves, anxiety, depression, tension.

This is why I call my work as a Vocal Coach Holistic and Integrative. This means working with you and your voice in a way that addresses you as a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual being, not just a machine made of parts that need to function better. I personally do not know of another vocal coach working in this way.

At The Voice Studio you can expect a thorough and in depth training in the technical aspects of the larynx, vocal cords and physical body as used in performance. You will be provided with a bespoke program of exercises aimed at getting your voice where you want it to be. This should be a given for any Vocal Coach right? 

But what about things like nutritional deficiencies, structural misalignments, subconscious blocks, energy blockages. I deal with all this and more in my practice to support deep, thorough, profound and lasting transformation. 

I help my clients with all of the above through transformational mentoring, specialised physical and emotional health work. Dysfunctional imbalances in the mind, body and biochemistry are discovered and corrected resulting in advanced health, well being and ultimately performance ability.

I am fully trained vocal coach (Dip RAM & LRAM) and a fully trained, qualified and certified Holistic practitioner (Cert A.S.K & T.A.C.T) I was fully trained in Systematic Kinesiology, muscle testing analysis, energy balancing, herbal medicine, nutritional approach to health, acupressure, lymphatic massage, gentle structural manipulations, advanced personal communication and specialist counselling skills.


Sessions are held at my private studio in The Cooperage building 91 Brick Lane E1 6QL

Tea and water are offered on arrival while you wait in the reception area.

Electric piano, iMac and full sound system are available for use.