Pleas enjoy some of the exciting and inspiring stories of amazing clients who have worked with me. 

I am so deeply grateful for their openness, generosity and attitude to the work we do. 

I had been experiencing some serious problems with my voice when I visited Gary for a session. I felt like I could no longer access my higher range which had previously been effortless for me. I just felt I couldn’t really sing the way I used to. It felt blocked, fatigued and just not working properly. As a singer and dancer this is very worrying.

I was so frustrated to the point that I almost cancelled my singing lesson with Gary. I am so glad I didn’t!

As soon as I stepped in he sensed in a flash that the issue was not just physical or technical but it involved more levels of my being such as my emotional state.

You don’t always know exactly he is doing but it’s fascinating to watch and experience the way he works with your subconscious, picking up things you have no idea are there.

The answers don’t come up immediately, but Gary manages to make you feel safe and comfortable enough to relax and go with the flow. We accessed something all of a sudden and I was overwhelmed with emotion out of nowhere. It was actually a reaction to the things we looked at half an hour before... “the subconscious flagging it up when it’s ready” explained Gary!

Gary has great intuition and skilful ways that allow you to make further discoveries about the origins of the issues.

We continued exploring and Gary kept delving and to my surprise I was beginning to be able to reach those notes that I had not been able to previously.

I truly felt that something had released that was deeply emotional around my self belief, self expression and creativity - it all came to the surface allowing me to acknowledge and express it and consequentially set my voice free of that block.

WOW! What a journey that lesson was in just an hour. Not only I was able get my voice back but I was also able to understand the healing process I needed to overcome the stagnant and frustrating situation.

I left the studio in a completely different satte compare to when I arrived. I was so relieved and grateful for what I had discovered. Obviously I know that this is just the beginning of the healing process to gain full recovery, as Gary says this is a constantly changing path, but what a first step! AMAZING!

Gary has been simply amazing, and I cannot thank him enough for helping me bringing my voice back.
— Livio Salvi, Singer Actor & Dancer