March 2015

Had an amazing day teaching vocal coaches on the subject of 'Tackling Tricky Transitions' recently. Helping other teachers teach cross genres. - July 2015
Will be speaking at an event on 22nd July on the importance of cultivating your voice for public speaking, and just in general life. - July 2015

Gary, Vocal Coach

Gary, Vocal Coach

Would you like to feel totally confident and at ease using your voice at any time?

Do you want to be able to hit the high notes safely and consistently? 

Would you like to engage, move and inspire people with your voice?

My passion is the voice. It has been my whole life. Entertaining audiences with my voice and learning as much as I can about how it works has been my life's dedication. My biggest passion, however, is helping people like you to use your voice in the best way you can. My mission at The Voice Studio is two fold:

(i) to empower you with knowledge about how your voice actually works and how to make it do what you want it to do.

(ii) to provide you with a safe space to feel vulnerable and the permission to try new things without fear of failure. 

I believe that only by feeling completely respected, nurtured and cared for can we truly shine. If you're looking for singing lessons in London, a London based choir, evening courses, public speaking training or just some advice on your voice and technique, you've come to the right place.

I hope you enjoy looking around my website, and I can't wait to hear from you. Gary x

I have been working with Gary at The Voice Studio for almost a year now. I have had singing lessons before, and I’ve always wanted to be in musical theatre since I was a small child, but I never really understood how my voice actually worked. Gary explains everything from the physiology of the voice, detailed vocal technique, acting through song and how to feel vulnerable. He gives specific exercises, direction and encouragement which are carefully tailored to each student. His loving, detailed and supportive approach really helps each individual to achieve their own personal goals. One of the best things about The Voice Studio is finding yourself a new ‘family’ who have the same passions as you - through the courses we get to watch each others improvement and grow together. Not only have I felt an improvement in my singing and vocal confidence but I have felt immense and unexpected growth in other areas of my life too. Colleagues have commented on my enhanced confidence and calm while teaching and performing which is something I have been doing professionally for ten years! Singing has changed my life. My best friend came to see the last showcase and asked afterwards ‘what has happened to you? You are so happy!’
Amy Drew, Singing Student

Amy Drew, Singing Student