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We help people to sing better, perform their best and realise their full potential. Singing Lessons, Evening Courses and Choir in Central London. Complete Beginners to Advanced Professionals.




Would you like to be able to sing any song you want?

Would you like to sing with more power, control and emotion?

Are you finding it hard to hit the high notes? 

Would you like to be using your voice in a more expressive, creative and fun way?

Gary will work with you to help you understand your voice, how it works and how to improve it no matter what your level of experience. 

By explaining the physiology of your voice and how sound is made, you will start to feel your voice in action. Start to uncover and release any emotional blockages you have with your voice. 

You will understand your own instrument and be empowered with more clarity, stamina, better breathing and posture, a wider range, colour, expressiveness and power.

The Voice Studio has been a revelation to me. I am a professional ballet dancer looking to crossover into musical theatre. I had no idea where to start. Gary’s training covers everything from explaining how the vocal chords and larynx actually work, practising how to control them, as well as giving you the confidence to explore your own voice and identity, with his expert guidance. Each week I see and feel the improvement using his techniques. His passion has made me hungry to do more and more singing and I really look forward to my lessons - they are the best part of my week!
— Amy Drew, Professional Ballet Dancer